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Amicus Briefs

Case  Brief Filing Date Subject(s) Notes
Bowman v. St. John Ascension To be filed Application of statute of limitations discovery rule  
Taylor v. Franklin Medical Consultants March 3, 2020 Reliability of expert testimony  
People v. Xun Wang September 20, 2019 Medicaid fraud  
Dwyer v. Ascension Crittenton Hospital July 24, 2019 Discovery of documents in hospital credentialing file
General Medicine v. Azar June 10, 2019 Challenge to failure to give required notice of Medicare audit  
Trowell v. Providence Hospital and Medicaid Centers August 10, 2017 Application of statutory prerequisites to filing medical malpractice action  
Jendruisina v. Mishra April 5, 2017;
August 2, 2017
Application of statute of limitations discovery rule Includes supplemental brief
Krusac v. Covenant Medical Center, Inc. November 13, 2015 Scope of statutory peer review privilege  
Rock v. Crocker  November 5, 2015 Requirements for expert testimony  
Greer v. Advantage Health March 16, 2015 Application of statutory collateral source setoff rule  
Vanslembrouck ex rel 
Vanslembrouck v. Halperin
April 25, 2013 Numerous issues including exclusion of unreliable expert testimony  
CPAN v. MCCS  June 24, 2013 FOIA action against the MCCA for disclosure of data underlying annual assessments CPAN v. MCCS with exhibits 
Velez v. Tuma May 18, 2012 Application of common law setoff rule in medical malpractice joint and several liability situations  
Driver v. Cardiovascular Clinical Associates, P.C. January 28, 2011 Enforcement of pre-filing medical malpractice notice requirements  
Hanna v. Merlos  September 23, 2011 Compliance with statutory affidavit of merit requirement  
Jilek v. Stockson  December 23, 2010 Application of statutory qualifications for expert testimony  
Johnson v. Detroit Medical Center October 27, 2010 Statutory peer review privilege  
McCall ex rel. Robelin v. Spectrum Health Hospitals August 6, 2010 Reliability of expert testimony  
Edry v. Adelman  December 16, 2009 Application of statutory loss of opportunity to survive rule to a living plaintiff  
Holman v. Rasak October 6, 2009 HIPAA privacy rule as applied to ex parte interviews with treating physicians  
Lee v. Detroit Medical Center  March 12, 2009 Standard applicable to physicians in actions for failure to report child abuse  
Waeschle v. Oakland County Medical Examiner February 6, 2009 Notification and control by family members of the disposition of tissues and body parts following a medicolegal autopsy Certified question from E.E. of MI.
Petersen v. Magna Corporation  December 23, 2008 Status of health care providers and medical insurers in prorating attorney's fees  
Stone v. Williamson January 8, 2008 Recovery for loss of an opportunity to survive