Physician Employment Contract Review

Physician Employment Contract Review

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Given the ever increasing complexity of physician compensation arrangements and the restrictions being placed on physicians’ ability to practice in today's employment marketplace, a thorough legal review of physician employment agreements is more prudent than ever. In response to physicians' growing need for legal representation in the employment process, the Michigan State Medical Society has arranged to provide legal services to its member physicians.

Who is Eligible

The Physician Employment Contract Review is available to all Michigan State Medical Society members who seek the benefit of a thorough legal review of either a new employment contract or in connection with the renewal of an existing employment relationship. Physicians will receive legal services directly from Kerr Russell, legal counsel to the Michigan State Medical Society.

Review Service Attorney

Kerr Russell, has extensive health care law and employment law experience. The firm’s services include the drafting and review of employment contracts, compensation arrangements (including deferred compensation arrangements, stock option arrangements, etc.) and agreements involving the acquisition of stock in a professional corporation or a membership interest in a professional limited liability company. The firm also has the expertise necessary to address the labor law issues resulting from affiliation with labor unions or other collective bargaining units. The attorneys at Kerr Russell have collectively spent over 50 years of their professional careers focusing on the health industry. The firm stresses the concepts of preventative counseling and team building as important and effective elements in avoiding the costly and time consuming alternatives of confrontation and litigation.

Review Services Available

For a fixed fee, physicians now have direct access to the following services:

  • Review and advice re: employment contracts.
  • Review and advice re: stock or membership interest acquisition agreements.

The fixed fees do not include reimbursable expenses which will be billed separately. Fixed fees are payable when services are requested.

Contact MSMS or Kerr Russell, for the current fee schedule.

All requests for services are subject to acceptance by Kerr Russell. All services would be provided pursuant to a written engagement letter confirming and requiring pre-payment of the applicable fixed fee(s).

Additional Legal and Consultation Services

Legal representation for physicians that cannot be considered among the services listed on the left will be provided on an hourly rate basis. Services in this category may include, but are not limited to, direct participation in negotiations with employers, attendance at meetings, drafting and redrafting documents, and due diligence reviews of an employer’s corporate records. Actual charges will vary depending on the attorney performing the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a written employment contract? Why isn’t my handshake deal good enough?
  • Will a convenant-not-to-compete be legally binding against me? What is a reasonable geographic restriction? How long should the covenant-not-to-compete last?
  • Should I insist on a "for cause" only termination clause? What should the "for cause" events be? Do I have the ability to terminate the contract and how much notice should I agree to give?
  • If I am terminated without cause should the covenant-not-to-compete apply? Should the covenant-not-to-compete apply if I terminate the contract?

How to Enroll

The provision of legal and consulting services will be managed directly by Kerr Russell. The Michigan State Medical Society has no responsibility for the provision of the legal and consultation services offered under the program. However, physician satisfaction will be continuously monitored by the Michigan State Medical Society. To obtain services, please complete the form below:

Request more information: