Human Resources Services

Medicine is a noble profession. Physicians work selflessly for the good of their patients. But the reality is physician business owners have the added responsibility of managing employees. When you employ a team of people, you have responsibilities to them and to the state and federal governments, including compliance with various employment laws, state and federal taxes, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation, and health and safety standards, including compliance with various employment laws.

As an MSMS member, you have exclusive access to a variety of human resources services to help you navigate these pressures like a professional. These services include:

  • In-depth consultation services from a certified human resources professional
    • Via phone, email, or an onsite visit; and,
    • Thirty (30) minutes of FREE consulting available for your use each month.
  • MSMS’s Human Resource System for medical practices
    • Fully customizable handbook template;
    • Employee forms and checklists;
    • New hire paperwork; and,
    • Sample documents (job descriptions, performance appraisals, disciplinary notices, requests for leave, etc.)
  • Employee benefits information and member programs through MSMS Physician's Insurance Agency and MSMS Practice Solutions.

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Ask Human Resources

The UIA Debacle and What’s Being Done

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

This month’s HR Hot Topics centers around Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) and the results of several independent audits and investigations into agency actions during the COVID crisis. For those of you who were trying to navigate the UIA system during COVID, you know what a mess it was. But it turns out, woeful understaffing, antiquated systems and a decimated fund balance were just the tip of the iceberg! A recent report from the auditor general found the state agency made $8.5 billion in improper payments from 3/20-9/21, $3.8 million of which were due to fraud committed by UIA employees! Then UIA Director, Steve Gray, resigned amidst these challenges and received a severance check totaling almost $86,000! Tune in below as more layers of this onion are being peeled back and what’s being done to rectify the situation.