About the MSMS Resident-Fellow Section (RFS)

gorgisThank you for visiting the MSMS Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) website; and, for your interest in our section.

Medicine has become one of the most regulated components of our economy. Direct political implications for patients and providers is growing annually, affecting everything from patient access to residency training.

The RFS represents interns, residents, and fellows in Michigan and acts as a valuable resource to be heard through the Michigan State Medical Society and American Medical Association. We discuss everyday issues, from scope of practice, medical guidelines, medico-legal, advocacy, and issues related to training and graduate medical education (such as residency spots, burnout, student debt, and more).

You're invited to join us in shaping health policy at both the state and federal levels. Join us in networking with physician leaders and lobbyists, sharing ideas for positive change, and ultimately making the health care system better for physicians and patients. We are involved in everything from sitting on reference committees, writing resolutions, assisting with lobbying events, and having a voice on the MSMS Board of Directors.

If you are not already a member, I urge you to join today! If you have any questions on how to join (or whether you are already a member through your training institution), please contact Joshua Richmond (MSMS-RFS staff liaison) or me. 

I wish you all the best in your training and look forward to meeting you soon. 


Sarah Gorgis, MD
Chair, Michigan State Medical Society, Resident and Fellow Section
MSMS Delegate to the American Medical Association

Information for Residents and Fellows

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