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Supporting physicians. 

Improving care.

The Michigan State Medical Society defends against threats to your ability to deliver high-quality patient care. We work tirelessly to ensure Michigan physicians remain strong, empowered and secure. In an ever-changing health care environment, your representation is more important than ever. We can’t do our work without support and participation from physicians like you.

We help you succeed in your practice by providing our members with relevant programs tailored to your professional and personal needs. Join your peers, become a member and gain access to a network of fellowship and engagement.

Elevate your voice and defend your profession.

100% Membership Groups

MSMS thanks all of its group practices whose entire physician group are members of MSMS and their respective county medical society. MSMS recognizes the dedication of these practices and their physician members to strengthening the voice of medicine in Michigan. 

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Categories of Membership

Annual dues provide membership January through December (beginning January 1) and are priced according to the various categories listed below. For more information, please contact the membership department by email or phone at (517) 336-5716. 
In order to hold membership in the MSMS, you must be a doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) with an active Michigan medical license, or 
if unlicensed, must be engaged in academic teaching, research, or administration. Active members of MSMS are voting members that may hold office in the MSMS and serve on committees.
  • Active – $495 + county medical society  Join Now
    Physicians working full time in the state of Michigan. 
  • Part-Time – $247.50 + county medical society  Join Now
    A physician who is working 20 hours or less per week is considered an part-time member. 
  • Spouse – $247.50 + county medical society  Join Now
    A spouse membership is given if both physicians are MSMS members. One spouse pays full active dues ($495), and the other spouse is entitled to a 50 percent dues reduction as long as both remain active members in MSMS. 
  • First, Second, and Third Year in Practice – $123.75, $247.50, and $371.25 + county medical society  Join Now
    A physician who has just completed their residency and/or fellowship and will begin their first year in practice. Dues are reduced 75 percent for first year in practice, 50 percent for second year in practice, and 25 percent for third year in practice. 
  • First Year in Michigan –$247.50 + county medical society  Join Now
    A physician who has just relocated to the state of Michigan receive 50 percent off their first dues year.
  • Active Emeritus (Retired) – $150 + county medical society  Join Now
    A physician who is fully retired and is not working in any other capacity is allowed active membership in the MSMS.
  • Resident/Fellow/Intern – $100 + county medical society  Join Now
    A resident physician member must be an intern, resident, or fellow in an approved training program in Michigan. If your GME Program is sponsoring your MSMS Membership or if you are having issues, please contact Membership at 517-336-5716.
  • Medical Student – $300 (four-year MSMS, plus county medical society) Join Now
    A student member must attend one of the seven medical schools in Michigan. 
  • Military, Non-resident, or Affiliate
    If you serve in the military, do not live in the state of Michigan, or are looking for an affiliate membership, please contact the membership department by email or phone at (517) 336-5716. 

Tax information
MSMS dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Only 87.5% of MSMS dues are deductible as an ordinary business expense because a portion of dues is attributable to lobbying activities. The Michigan State Medical Society is a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of physicians so they may best care for the people they serve.