Executive Council of Physician Organizations


The Executive Council of Physician Organizations is an entity designed to support physician organizations in the pursuit of practice transformation for higher quality, lower costs and an enhanced clinical experience for patients and physicians alike.

The Executive Council of Physician Organizations provides a forum for like-minded leaders to collectively pursue ideas, solutions and partnerships that support the viability and success of physician practices. Physician organization leaders on the Executive Council shape a unified and coordinated approach that empowers physicians to drive the transformation of Michigan's health care delivery systems toward true population health management models that include all-payers and all-patients.

Guiding Principles

  • Independent, private practice should always remain a viable and sustainable practice option for physicians.
  • Physicians should always have the autonomy to choose the practice model of their choice, including employment arrangements and affiliation agreements.
  • Physicians are the most qualified to make decisions about clinical quality and the best positioned to identify clinical process improvements or efficiencies.
  • Physicians should always have the right to own or otherwise access all their clinical performance data, including actionable information on quality, cost and patient satisfaction.

How to Join?

For information on how to join the MSMS Executive Council of Physician Organizations, please complete the form below or contact Kevin McFatridge, Senior Director, marketing and public relations.

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