Michigan's New CME Licensure Requirements

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Michigan's New CME Licensure Requirements

Monday, May 7, 2018

As previously reported by the Michigan State Medical Society, the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced in December of 2016 revised Medical Rules. With these new rules came new requirements for Continuing Medical Education. Significant changes to be aware of include:

  • Training Standards for Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking - This is a one-time training that is separate from continuing education.
  • Education on Pain and Symptom Management - Starting in December 2017, a minimum of three- hours of continuing education must be earned in the area of pain and symptom management.
  • Medical Ethics - A minimum of one-hour of continuing education must be earned in the area of medical ethics.

MSMS is offering a live educational event that fulfills all these required CME on December 5, 2018: A Day of Board of Medicine Renewal Requirements. Additionally, CME modules are available online in the On-Demand Webinars section of the MSMS website.

Visit the LARA CME Requirements document for more information.

The Board of Medicine has updated the previous six Categories of Credit into two categories. As before, each medical doctor is required to complete 150 hours of continuing medical education approved by the board of which a minimum of 75 hours of the required 150 must be earned in Category 1 activities. The following is a breakdown of the two Categories for licensure:

New Categories of Continuing Medical Education

Category 1

  1. Activities with accredited sponsorship - Maximum 150 hours
  2. Passing specialty board certification or recertification - Maximum 50 hours
  3. Successfully completing MOC that does not meet requirements of (A) or (B) above. - Maximum 30 hours
  4. Participation in a board approved training program - Maximum 150 hours

Category 2

  1. Clinical instructor for medical students engaged in postgraduate training program - Maximum 48 hours
  2. Initial presentation of scientific exhibit, poster or paper - Maximum 24 hours
  3. Publication of scientific article in a peer-reviewed journal - Maximum 24 hours
  4. Initial publication of a chapter or portion of a chapter in a professional health care textbook or peer-review textbook - Maximum 24 hours
  5. Participation in any of the following as it relates to the practice of medicine: - Maximum 18 hours
    1. Peer review Committee dealing with quality of patient care
    2. A Committee dealing with utilization review
    3. A health care organization committee dealing with patient care issues
    4. A national or state committee, board, council or association
  6. Until December 6, 2019, attendance at an activity that was approved by the Board of Medicine prior to December 6, 2016 - Maximum 36 hours
  7. Independently reading a peer-reviewed journal prior to December 6, 2016, that doesn't satisfy the requirements of Category 1, subdivision (A) - Maximum 18 hours
  8. Prior to December 6, 2016, completing a multi-media self-assessment program that doesn't satisfy the requirements of Category 1, subdivision (A) - Maximum 18 hours

More Information

Download the MSMS Education Update summarizing the new requirements >>

If you have questions regarding the new CME requirements or the new categories of Continuing Medical Education, please reach out to Brenda Marenich, Director Physician Education and Leadership, MSMS at 517/336-7580.