Former MSMS Executive Director Warren Tryloff has died

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Former MSMS Executive Director Warren Tryloff has died

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Warren F. Tryloff, former Executive Director and longtime friend of the Michigan State Medical Society, passed away on August 21, 2017 at the age of 95. Tryloff will be remembered as one of the most influential leaders of MSMS, whose inspiring work helped expand the organization into what it is today.

In the beginning of his career with the Michigan State Medical Society, Tryloff worked closely with MSMS's first executive director, William J. Burns. He was highly involved with the selection and building of MSMS's present headquarters in East Lansing, designed by world renowned architect Minoru Yamaskai. Tryloff's early influence on MSMS is still felt today in other areas as well, as he was instrumental in realigning the MSMS board size and structure along with splitting the House of Delegates from the annual scientific meeting.

In 1970, Tryloff was appointed to serve as the Executive Director of the Michigan State Medical Society. Some of his most recognized achievements during his tenure include his involvement in creating the Michigan Physicians Mutual Liability Company in 1977, an organization that eventually became The Doctors Company, along with passing comprehensive Tort Reform and starting MSMS's pension protection program, a member benefit that is still in effect today.

Under Tryloff's leadership, MSMS revamped the Michigan Medicine magazine -- it became the first socioeconomic medical association magazine in the AMA federation. Prior to this, Michigan Medicine was a scientific journal.

Tryloff served as Executive Director from 1970 to 1984, at which time he retired and ended his 32-year long career with MSMS.

William Madigan, MSMS Executive Director from 1987 to 2005, remembers Tryloff as a great leader and a man that was easy to work with.

"Much of his style is permanently ingrained at MSMS and in all the leaders and staff who came after him to one degree or another," said Madigan. "He set the direction and let his staff run and flourish. His staff and physician members loved his style and strength, which made the Michigan State Medical Society so effective and welcoming.

"Warren's was the consummate planner and organizer. Prior to every Board meeting and House of Delegates sessions, staff and leadership would hold pre-meeting and post-meeting sessions to assess successes and/or failures," said Madigan. "Early on it was what we now know today as continuous quality improvement."

Warren Tryloff leaves three daughters, Robin, Molly and Maggie, and five grandchildren residing in Evanston, Illinois.

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