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IMG Officers


Thank you for visiting the Michigan State Medical Society-International Medical Graduate (MSMS-IMG) Web page. Michigan State Medical Society has a long history of advocating for international medical graduates. In fact, MSMS was the first state society to create an IMG Section, and was instrumental in the creation of the American Medical Association’s IMG Section. 

In addition to working on issues that affect IMGs, such as the J-1 visa problem, clinical skills exam and primary source verification, MSMS values its relationship with the many ethnic medical societies in Michigan. To review links to some of these groups, please scroll down and click on the appropriate section. 

The MSMS IMG Section is your best avenue to share common concerns, debate issues and shape the future of medicine. Organized medicine needs you and you need organized medicine. If you are not already a member, I urge you to join today. 

Mouhanad Hammami, MD
Chair, MSMS-IMG Section


What is the IMG Section?

The purpose of this Section is to provide increased involvement of International Medical Graduates with MSMS and its component societies and to address matters of special interest and significance to the International Medical Graduates in Michigan.

For more information on MSMS collaboration with IMGs and ethnic medical societies, please contact Joshua Richmond at 517-336-5788.