Mission and Values

MSMS Foundation Mission Statement

Michigan State Medical Society Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization sponsored by the Michigan State Medical Society. Its purpose is to advance the field of health for the public good. The mission of the Foundation is to achieve the following: 
  • Stimulate, support and/or initiate lay or professional education, research programs, and projects in the field of health. 
  • Encourage the advancement of healthy lifestyles, the prevention, diagnosis or cure of disease, and the care of the sick and the dying. 
  • Provide a vehicle for the Michigan State Medical Society to foster humanitarian public service in health education and research, and to provide support for physicians who suffer impairment. 
  • Develop and administer funds for the support of health education and research. 
  • Provide a resource for the management and distribution of signature funds or bequests designated for special health education and research purposes.