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For more information on CME Accreditation please contact Brenda Marenich at (517) 336-7580.

2017 Michigan Conference on CME Accreditation

Annual CME Conference - August 11, 2017

8:30 a.m. Updated ACCME Commendation Criteria - Steve Singer, PhD
9:30 a.m. CME for Maintenance of Certification - Steve Singer, PhD
10:10 a.m. Content Validation: What the Provider Needs to Know - Steve Singer, PhD
MSMS Provider's Best Practices:
Content Validation - Kathy Collins
Content Validation - Rebecca Daniel, MD
10:40 a.m. CME Jeopardy - Steve Singer, PhD; and Rebecca Daniel, MD
11:30 a.m. Conflict of Resolution/Disclosure Cases - Beth Banner, CHCP
1:00 p.m. Michigan Licensure Requirements - Michael Madura, MD
•  Continuing Education Requirements for Michigan Medical Doctors
•  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - Director's Office - Medicine - General Rules
1:30 p.m. Survey Says... Making Wise Compliance Choices Today to Avoid Accreditor's Regret Tomorrow - Brooke Taylor, MPH, CCMEP

Board of Medicine Materials

April 18, 2018

Overview of Pain and Symptom Management
Narasimha R. Gundamraj, MD

Balancing Pain Treatment and Legal Responsibilities
Ronald W. Chapman II, JD

MAPS Updates
Kim Gaedeke

Ethics Hot Topics
Lauren B. Smith, MD

Resident Programs

MSMS Offers No-Cost, Customized Education for Residents

    Based on direct survey feedback from resident members, MSMS is promoting its diverse menu of no-cost programs for residents through its network of educational resources. All programs can be customized for the individual organization and can be conveniently presented on-site.

    Program topics include:

    • Career Options after Residency 
    • Communicating to Your Patients: Do They Understand You? 
    • Contracting Issues 
    • Debt Management and How to Protect Your Credit 
    • Disability Insurance 
    • Health Plan and Coding Resources
    • How To Write a Resume/Tips for Interviewing 
    • J-1 Visas 
    • Joining a Practice 
    • Identity Theft 
    • Immunization Basics 
    • Legislative Advocacy/Grassroots 101 
    • Long Term Care for the Resident or a Parent
    • Medical Ethics
    • Medical Records and the Law 
    • Michigan State Loan Repayment Program 
    • Preparing for the OIG: Are You Compliant? 
    • Professionalism and Leadership 
    • Starting a Practice/Business 101 


    For more information, please contact Trisha Keast at 517-336-5724.