MSMS Foundation Helps Fund Community-based Health Programs

The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) Foundation Board of Trustees recently made grants to three non-profit organizations to benefit local health programs:

  • Michigan Health Council: to support funding for the Mini-Medical School, a community-based program that offers fun, health and medicine related activities that teach children about their growing bodies and the importance of preventative medicine through hands-on, experiential, learning activities.
  • Texas Medical Association Foundation Disaster Relief Campaign: to support grants to help reestablish patient care in physician practices in federally designated disaster areas damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The program will help cover expenses (not covered by insurance or other funding) for relocating or rehabilitating a physician’s medical office. This may include replacing equipment, aiding needed staff, rebuilding patient records, and other similar needs all towards the goal of helping physicians once again treat patients.
  • Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation: to help fund the 2018 CHRT Policy Fellowship. The goal of the CHRT Policy Fellowship is to teach the researchers and policymakers about health policy in Michigan and nationally, to help research fellows translate their research into policy, and to provide policy fellows with evidence-based resources to inform their decision making.

The MSMS Foundation grants support public or professional education, research programs, and projects in the field of health and encourage the advancement of healthy lifestyles and the prevention, diagnosis or cure of disease. The MSMS Foundation assists with activities that support physicians and MSMS.

The Foundation's philanthropic focus is to support projects and activities that are meaningful to the medical profession including:

  • Initiatives that make the practice of medicine and the health care system better
  • Activities that ensure the provision of good patient care
  • Development of future physicians and physician leadership
  • Community-based projects that engage both physicians and community leaders

Spring applications are due no later than March 25, 2018. To apply for a grant or contribute to the MSMS Foundation, please visit


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