New Air Purification Product Helps Keep Patients, Employees Healthy

The newest step in infection control is purifying the air in your practice. Airborne contaminants can pose a health hazard in a medical office. Airborne bacteria and fungi can be inhaled or settle on other surfaces, contaminating them. People in your waiting rooms may cough or sneeze during cold and flu season. Staff may contract illness from patients.

The Michigan State Medical Society Glove and Supplies program now offers the VidaShield ultra-violet air purification system. This product, which fits in a drop ceiling just like a florescent light fixture, draws air up, through filters and exposes it to UV-C germicidal irradiation, then returns it to the room. It is available with downlights or without downlights. One fixture can purify the air in a 10-by-10-by 8-foot space four times per hour. The price for this new product is $1,895 per unit through the MSMS’s program, lower than other distributors’ prices. And, this item qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction.

VidaShield has a video about this product and may be ordered by calling 877/484-6149 or by visiting


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