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MDPAC: Wake up your sleeping giant!

Deciding on whether or not to join the Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) should be easy. Why? Because we can make a difference by choosing legislative leaders who are concerned with the health of our communities.

The MDPAC is the political arm of the Michigan State Medical Society. We are a bipartisan political action committee made up of physicians, their families, residents, students and others interested in making a positive contribution to the medical profession through the political process. The MDPAC supports pro-medicine candidates running for the State legislature, Michigan Supreme Court and other statewide positions.

By contributing to the MDPAC, you will substantially enhance MSMS's advocacy efforts, which promotes a pro-medicine agenda. By joining with other members, you create a constituency that represents your professional needs and concerns. Whether the issue is tort reform legislation, scope of practice or the many of the other issues on the medical agenda, political and legislative action is where it all begins.

Here are five reasons to Back the PAC:

  1. The MDPAC builds and maintains strong relationships with lawmakers, as well as candidates running for political office.
    As the face of physicians, MDPAC bring medical knowledge into discussions with political decision makers.
  2. For more than three decades, MDPAC has mounted successful lobbying efforts on behalf of physicians.
    For example... MDPAC protects and strengthens tort reform, stopped the physician’s tax, and has helped to stop the expansion of a non-physician's scope of practice.
  3. MDPAC has power, prestige and respect! If you wake your sleeping giant, MDPAC could make rapid, positive change for physicians and patients. It could ease administrative pressures with the current prior authorization process, save you money and time on your Maintenance of Certification, and advance public health issues.
  4. Trial lawyers, insurance companies, and other political opponents raise massive sums of money.
    Medicine's friends, through MDPAC, must dig deeper to raise equivalent or greater amounts of funds to advance Michigan physician's agenda.
  5. The current political landscape is uncertain.
    Only through a well-funded, unified voice will physicians and their patients’ interests be heard. MDPAC is that voice.

Get your voice heard by contributing today at

As we begin to effect change in Michigan’s health care landscape, please seriously consider joining MDPAC to ensure continued success working with our elected officials.

Download the MDPAC – Rise Up fact sheet >>


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