Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Resources

125,000 cases of breast cancer in the U.S. could be prevented by using pharmacologic intervention, however it is significantly under-utilized.


Take advantage of Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC) resources including:


One in eight women will get breast cancer. In Michigan, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women.

There are multiple breast cancer risk factors including age, family history and genetics, hormonal and reproductive influences, lifestyle choices, the number of breast biopsies, and breast density.

Risk of breast cancer can be determined by the National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool or other validated risk assessment models.

Modifiable risk factors include an improved diet, regular moderate activity, and the maintenance of an ideal body weight. In addition, women who are identified at an increased risk for developing breast cancer may benefit from pharmacologic intervention. For these women, providers should discuss the risks and benefits associated with specific pharmacologic intervention.

Well over 100,000 breast cancer cases could be prevented each year in the U.S., however, pharmacologic intervention is significantly underutilized. Reasons include:

  • Lack of public awareness
  • Acceptance among physicians and public
  • Difficulty of assessing breast cancer risk in a busy clinic

The following organizations have issued updates supporting greater awareness and discussion of pharmacologic intervention in high risk women:

  • United States Preventive Services Task Force
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  • National Institutes of Health

Providers: Michigan Cancer Consortium Announces Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention Resources


Each year, 125,000 cases of breast cancer in the U.S. could be prevented using pharmacologic intervention. However, breast cancer pharmacologic intervention/prevention is significantly under-utilized.

New Resources

The Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC) announces two resources, aimed at providers, including a new video on breast cancer risk factors and prevention.


  1. The MCC, in collaboration with Beaumont Health System, has a new video Breast Cancer Risk Factors & Prevention. This 13 minute video addresses breast cancer risk factors, risk assessment tools, and pharmacologic intervention options.
  2. In addition, the MCC's Pharmacologic Interventions for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction position paper is targeted at providers and includes a "Summary of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Pharmacologic Interventions Approved for Risk Reduction."

These two resources are good companion, or stand-alone, pieces to advise and update primary care providers on breast cancer risk factors and prevention.



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