IRA Summit: Advanced Planning Strategies for Your Retirement

WealthCare Advisors is hosting two IRA Summits: Wednesday, November 2 from 6-7:30 pm or Thursday, November 3 from 10-11:30 am. Most appropriate for individuals with more than $1 million in retirement accounts, these summits will help you discover 12 ways to optimize your retirement accounts by minimizing taxes and maximizing its value during your lifetime and beyond.

WealthCare Advisors panel will discuss:

  • How to reduce taxes during the spending phase of your life, by knowing which account to withdraw from first -- your IRAs, Roth IRAs or taxable accounts
  • How to manage your portfolio withdrawals in volatile markets
  • Who to name as the beneficiary of your IRA -- a critical decision
  • Strategies to maximize your Roth IRA opportunity
  • How to give IRA funds to a charity to satisfy RMD (required minimum distribution) requirements but not impact your taxable income
  • Plus much more, including a Q&A session

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