Cover My Meds®

Founded in 2008, CoverMyMeds®' mission is to automate the medication prior authorization (PA) process, saving health care professionals valuable time and ensuring patients receive the medication they require, faster.

CoverMyMeds®' secure, HIPAA-compliant software automates Prior Authorization (PA), saving pharmacists, prescribers and their staff valuable time and ensuring patients receive the medication they need faster.

Securely and electronically transmitting PA requests, CoverMyMeds® eliminates the need for hand-written forms or calls to the plan. 83% of its users save between one and three hours per week, and make the PA process take 1-3 minutes instead of 15 minutes by phone.

CoverMyMeds®' service is free to prescribers, pharmacies, and their staffs, because it's are financially supported by payers, who want to improve the efficiency of their PA process, and drug manufacturers, who want to improve patient access to medications.

CoverMyMeds® works with the who's who of health care, including 500+ integrated EHR systems, 80% of pharmacies and nearly 75% of the payer market. To learn more about CoverMyMeds®, please visit


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