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MSMS Foundation Seeking Grant Applications

Concerned with all aspects of health education, research and community-based health projects, the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) Foundation's current areas of focus include: wellness, healthy lifestyles, end of life care, youth education, and the elderly. The MSMS Foundation also supports research and demonstration programs with short-term or start-up costs, but does not fund salaries or commit to long-term funding.

  • Because of the limitation of available grant money, grants may not be provided for many worthy activities and often are supplementary or complementary to other funding separately obtained.
  • The Foundation grants are limited to programs or projects which are: Michigan-based in origin and function, formally established or institutionally based, non-profit, nongovernmental, nonreligious, nonpolitical, nondiscriminatory in composition, orientation, purpose or function with reference to color, race, sex, or creed.

Programs or projects submitted for grants must:

  1. Be non-profit, and be oriented to education, research or service in the field of health, which may encompass physical or mental health, wellness, disease prevention, or healthy lifestyle. The focus of activity may be clinical, sociological or economic.
  2. Have significant value directly or indirectly for application to needs within the state of Michigan affecting the people of Michigan.
  3. Have a well-defined purpose and specific objectives.
  4. Be presented with a well-outlined, logical protocol.
  5. Identify a feasible budget, adequate funding and operational resources, specified and qualified person(s) responsible for operation of the activity and generally demonstrate the ability to complete the proposed program or project.
  6. Demonstrate the intent and capability for self-evaluation and for periodic reporting of status and accomplishment.


The MSMS Foundation follows the Council of Michigan Foundations Common Grant Application structure. An online application is available by clicking here.

Should you have any questions regarding grant requests, please contact Carrie Wheeler.


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