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MSMS-sponsored App for 2016 Elections Now Available

Gongwer News Service is once again making available a smartphone and tablet app that provides easy-to-use information and analysis of this year's elections, with new features, improved functionality and a lower price from the first edition that debuted in the 2014 election cycle.

Sponsored by the Michigan State Medical Society, the app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, offers exclusive Gongwer analysis of all seats up for election in the Michigan House, the state's 14 U.S. House seats, the presidential race and all other statewide contests.

The app gives users on-the-go access to detailed candidate biographical information, with options to review primary races and then general election campaigns once those races take shape.

Users can also see which U.S. House and Michigan House races are expected to be the most competitive and the seats where one party has a slight or strong edge via the Analysis feature.

On each candidate's page, users will see links to the candidate's social media accounts, district maps, campaign websites and ways to contact the candidate, as well as biographical information. If that candidate has run for state or federal office from 2002 onward, the app also displays his or her performance in those elections.

Users also can use the "Key Races" function to focus only on the primaries and general election match-ups that are legitimately competitive.

NEW FOR 2016: a push notifications feature. Gongwer will periodically alert users when new information has been uploaded to the app as well as provide some news.

Another significant upgrade from 2014 is a new search function that allows users to find a specific candidate by name, hometown or counties represented in a given district. And Gongwer now offers its analysis of the overall race for control of the Michigan House in addition to the race-by-race analysis it previously provided.

New timestamps also will assist users in knowing when new information has been uploaded for a particular race.

As the campaign season progresses, and as dynamics change, Gongwer will update the app. Look for more candidates to be added to the app as they file leading up to the April 19 filing deadline. And Gongwer will update its analysis of the races regularly.

The app will update with organizational endorsements of candidates as those occur.

Look for live election results on the app March 8 for the presidential primary and special Michigan House elections as well as the August 2 primary and November 8 general election.

Users of the iPhone and iPad can download the iOS version from the App Store:

Users of Android devices can download the app from Google Play:

The app is available for just $6.99 -- 30 percent less than previous versions.

Quality. Speed. Portability. The vital information you need on the 2016 elections in Michigan.

Download the Gongwer 2016 Michigan Elections app today.

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