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Voice of Michigan Physicians Heard at AMA Meeting

Your Michigan Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA), led by Chair Cathy O. Blight, MD, had a major impact at this year's AMA Annual House of Delegates meeting in Chicago.

Of the 17 Michigan resolutions submitted, 10 were either adopted or adopted as amended/substituted, one was referred, and three were reaffirmed. Michigan's resolutions generated productive discussions on key issues such as health information technology, maintenance of certification, e-cigarettes, student loan repayment and loan forgiveness, and drug pricing, expiration dates and diversion.

As a result of the Delegation's advocacy on the Michigan resolutions, the AMA has new policies and directives related to generic drug pricing, simplification of programs initiated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, enhancing physicians' ability to review their own prescribing information in Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, and setting 21 years as the minimum age for purchasing e-cigarettes.

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Michigan also was well represented on four Reference Committees. Pino D. Colone, MD, was called upon to Chair Constitution and Bylaws. Betty S. Chu, MD, MBA, and Basam H. Nasr, MD, MBA, served on Reference Committee F (Financial Issues) and Venkat K. Rao, MD, sat on Reference Committee B (Legislation).

Similar to what happened at the 2015 MSMS House of Delegates meeting, Maintenance of Certification and Maintenance of Licensure dominated much of the House's attention. Other policy highlights include: medical-only exemption from vaccinations, ICD-10 grace period, push for continued and expanded GME funding, and a renewed commitment to reverse the opioid overdose epidemic.

After 13 years of service as the Chair of the Michigan Delegation, Doctor Blight turned the gavel over to James D. Grant, MD.

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