MSMS Partners with The Rybar Group

In our ongoing effort to bring additional value to your membership, the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) is pleased to announce our latest partnership with The Rybar Group. MSMS understands the time and technical expertise involved in making sure your practice is optimizing its reimbursement and maintaining its efficiencies and compliance. The Rybar Group was selected by MSMS because of their innovative and results-oriented approach.

The Rybar Group has been providing health care financial consulting and related health care regulatory services to hospitals, health care systems and provider’s since 1989. Their highly experienced team is committed to assisting their clients in maintaining their financial viability through compliant, efficient business operations. The Rybar Group strives to ensure that their clients receive optimal reimbursement with integrity while meeting quality initiatives and compliance standards.

In support of MSMS and our members, The Rybar Group will provide expertise and support in the areas of revenue cycle management, operational assessment and practice valuation at a discounted rate.

Revenue Cycle Management

The Rybar Group provides proven methods to evaluate the various functions of the revenue cycle, quantifying the opportunities for improvement and improved cash flow. They analyze critical points in a practice’s revenue cycle process that affect payment, comparing metrics to local and national benchmarks, and synergize efforts for improvement.

Cash flow improvement is a primary focus of their revenue cycle activities. Their team will assess the current processes and systems of a practice for improvement opportunities. From scheduling, check-in, registration, point of- service collections, and front, middle and back/billing activities, our experienced consultants will assist and improve the practice’s processes in order to improve financial performance, increase leadership knowledge, reduce denials, optimize cash flow, and collect and retain revenue.

Operational Assessment

In today's fiscal environment, proactive organizations need to evaluate their practice operations to ensure the use of best practices. The operation of any physician practice is a complicated process with many different functions and systems. The Rybar Group’s consultants provide an end-to-end process review from the patient and physician perspective, eliminating inefficiencies, improving controls and shortening cycle times. The outcome is a more efficient workflow and improved financial performance for the practice.

Fee Schedule Analysis

The fee schedule for any practice is an important component that affects profitability and revenues. It is important to set the fee schedules comparable to the market and at an optimal rate in order to secure profits and avoid long-term losses. With The Rybar Group’s Fee Schedule Analysis, their consultants will perform an assessment of your top procedures and will provide a market analysis of the fees charged compared to other professional practices in the same geographical area.

Practice Valuation

The Rybar Group's Practice Valuation service provides a report that estimates the fair market value of the practice based on applicable valuation methods. Equipment appraisal services are also available upon request.

The Rybar Group has internal resources available to assist you with this need, as well as a number of external resources through subcontractor relationships and through their membership in the BDO Alliance, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms. They will assess the best resource to meet the specific need of the practice.

To learn more about The Rybar Group’s services, please contact Dara Barrera at (517) 336-5770 or email her at

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