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2014 Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) Election Recap

The 2014 election cycle has come to a close and MDPAC, the political arm of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS), had unprecedented success in its endorsement and financial support of candidates. Following a 100 percent success rate in the primary, MDPAC-endorsed candidates won 98 out of a possible 101 races - a 97 percent success rate - one of those three losses still possible in doubt. Full details and vote totals can be found in the extensive MDPAC 2014 Election Results Report. Below are the highlights:

Two Michigan physicians elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, one more wins re-election to Congress

MSMS Past President, John Bizon, MD, (R-Battle Creek), was successful in his first attempt to run for public office. Doctor Bizon was victorious in his bid to represent the 62nd Michigan House District by a margin of 51-49 percent.

Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) Past President, Edward "Ned" Canfield, DO, (R Sebewaing), was also successful in winning a seat in the Michigan House. Doctor Canfield won the 84th district by a margin of 59-41 percent.

Dan Benishek, MD, (R-Iron River), was also successful in his re-election efforts by a margin of 52-45 percent over his opponent. Doctor Benishek won his third term in Congress representing Michigan's 1st Congressional District.

Other Michigan physicians running for office

Three Michigan physicians were, unfortunately, unsuccessful in their bids to hold public office.

Jeff Holmes, MD, (D-Alma), was defeated by State Senator John Moolenaar (R-Midland) in his bid to represent Michigan's 4th Congressional District by a margin of 56-39 percent.

Rob Steele, MD, (R-Ann Arbor), was unsuccessful in his effort to win a seat on the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Michael Busuito, MD, (R-Oakland), was unsuccessful in his effort to win a seat on the Wayne State University Board of Governors.

Rick Snyder re-elected to be Governor of Michigan

MDPAC-endorsed candidate, Governor Rick Snyder (R-Ann Arbor), was successful in his re-election effort over former Congressman Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) by a margin of 51-47 percent. Depressed turnout numbers in Wayne County and other typically democratic areas are believed to have contributed to a larger than expected margin of victory for the Governor.

Justices Brian Zahra and David Viviano re-elected to Michigan Supreme Court, Judge James Robert Redford defeated

MDPAC-endorsed candidates Justice Brian Zahra and Justice David Viviano were successful in their efforts to remain on the Michigan Supreme Court with Justice Zahra winning a full-eight year term and Justice Viviano winning a partial term until the 2016 elections. Unfortunately, MDPAC-endorsed candidate Judge James Robert Redford was not one of the top two vote getters for an eight-year term, losing to Richard Bernstein. The Michigan Supreme Court will continue to have a 5-2 constructionist majority.

Other races of note

MDPAC-endorsed candidate Attorney General Bill Schuette (R-Midland) was successful in his re-election efforts, defeating Mark Totten (D-Kalamazoo) by a margin of 52-44 percent.

Michigan Senate

The Michigan State Senate will continue to have a Republican majority, with Republicans winning all of the battleground seats and one yet to be determined. The current Republican majority is 26-11, with MDPAC-endorsed candidate Sean McCann (D-Kalamazoo) trailing Margaret O'Brien (R-Portage) by 60 votes. This race was initially called for McCann by local media outlets before later vote totals began going towards O'Brien.

Michigan House

Despite some early concern among Republicans that they might lose the majority in the Michigan House, the Republican majority actually grew by four seats with Republicans now holding a 63-47 majority. Two Democratic incumbents were defeated. Theresa Abed (D-Delta Twp.) lost to Tom Barrett (R-Delta Twp.) and Colleen Lomonte (D-Muskegon) lost to Holly Hughes (R-Norton Shores).


When single contributions are combined with the contributions of other individuals, MDPAC funds increase the leverage of organized medicine's position to protect patients' rights and to preserve the integrity of the medical profession. Please click here to join MDPAC.

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