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Expand Medicaid - Saves Money, Saves Lives

Lawmakers in Lansing are hard at work on the next fiscal year’s budget and have a unique opportunity this year to lock in billions of dollars in federal funds while saving lives at the same time.

Michigan taxpayers stand to reap a big reward if the legislature votes to expand Medicaid this year. Approving an expansion would lock in about $2 billion a year from the federal government, paying for the expansion without another dime of investment from state residents. Studies show that taxpayers will actually save $1 billion over the next ten years as the federal government’s appropriation covers services currently funded by state taxpayers.

Even better, the expansion would help provide health insurance to approximately 450,000 Michiganders currently without it, cutting down on trips to the emergency room and unnecessary health care costs that could be handled much more simply and cost effectively earlier in the process. That’s a win win for taxpayers and the uninsured.

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