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Philosophy Matters When It Comes to Protecting Tort Reforms

The Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) Board of Directors officially endorsed Justice Brian Zahra and Justice David Viviano, two rule-of-law justices who have records of upholding existing laws, such as the crucial tort reforms physicians fought so hard to pass in 1993.
  (l to r) Justices Zahra and Viviano field questions from MSMS Board members during their recent meeting.

"Judicial philosophy matters. It all comes down to the proper role of the court," said Justice Zahra in a 2012 Michigan Medicine interview about the importance of maintaining a rule-of-law majority on the bench. "We believe the intent of the law is best derived by studying the words legislators gave us," and not being an activist jurist.
Protecting tort reforms is just one example of why it's so important to join with your colleagues to become an MDPAC member. By doing so, you help MSMS advocate health policy on your behalf and help MDPAC support candidates who will represent your profession and your patients well in all levels of government.  

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