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Connect with Lawmakers in District 'Check-ups' This Summer

Just because the legislature is winding down, that doesn't mean our legislative advocacy work stops. Lawmakers are preparing to return home this summer to campaign for the upcoming election cycle, and to attend picnics, parades and other events in their districts to connect with their constituents.
MSMS encourages you to make the most of this time by reaching out to connect with your lawmakers at local events, at their regular coffee hours, or just at a one-on-one meeting to build working relationships.
It's important to offer to be a resource for them on health policy issues, and one in particular: nurse scope of practice. Senate Bill 2 is a narrowly-focused piece of special interest legislation that would put patients across Michigan at risk by reducing the training requirements for those who diagnose and treat patients and prescribe their medicine. It would also strip physicians from many patients' health care teams while giving some nurse practitioners the legal ability to diagnose, treat, and write potentially dangerous prescriptions for patients, all without adequate training and without even collaborating with a physician.
FIND CONTACT INFO - Contact Steve Japinga in the MSMS Government Relations Department for help with scheduling: 517-336-5781 or Also, every state legislator has his/her own website that includes district contact information, event calendar, and details about issues they are addressing.

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