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Northern Physicians Organization Announces Launch of Northern Michigan Health Network

Organization of area physicians brings accountable care to Northern Michigan

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., May 13, 2014 - Northern Physicians Organization is working to change the landscape of healthcare in Northern Michigan and the vision is simple: coordinated healthcare, led by the patient and his/her primary care provider. Enter Northern Michigan Health Network, a new Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Founded by Northern Physicians Organization, this physician- led network is a new partnership of primary care physicians and specialists joining forces to share the responsibility of improving lives in Northern Michigan through high-quality healthcare.

Under Northern Michigan Health Network’s coordinated care model, a patient’s healthcare providers work closely together so that he/she receives the right care at the right time, while avoiding duplication of services. These participating providers carry the responsibility of ensuring that their patient’s overall health improves, while keeping overall healthcare costs down.

“We are looking at the entire care of patients in our area,” says Peter Sneed MD, President of Northern Michigan Health Network. “Key stakeholders need to work together to ensure a healthy community: patients need to understand their health and actively participate in their wellness. Businesses need to encourage their employees to maintain good health. Hospitals need to efficiently and effectively manage their patients’ acute care. And physicians need to manage and direct their patients in chronic disease management and provide them with the knowledge on how to attain a healthy lifestyle. This coordination of care will improve health, improve patient satisfaction and reduce the cost of healthcare.”

Along with a focus of high-quality, coordinated health care, Northern Michigan Health Network is dedicated to prioritizing patient-centered care. The network is not part of any health insurance company, nor is it a health maintenance organization (HMO). Patients may choose to see any provider, whether or not that specific provider participates in the network. The benefit to the patient in seeking out participating providers is a cooperative model of care, which results in a focus on wellness, preventing illness, managing chronic conditions and, ultimately, the patient and his/her physician being in charge.

While the network is one of 360 recognized ACOs under the Affordable Care Act’s Medicare Shared Savings Program, the participating physicians serve non-Medicare patients alike, closely coordinating the care of all patients with the aim of reducing the rate of growth in overall healthcare spending and improving the lives of Northern Michiganders.


Northern Michigan Health Network is a physician-led Accountable Care Organization (ACO) dedicated to improving the health of Northern Michigan’s population, while improving those residents’ experience of health care, reducing health care costs and supporting the area community of care givers. Northern Michigan Health Network was created by Northern Physicians Organization -- a physician-led group aligning doctors’ processes, communications, best practices and ideas -- to unify Northern Michigan’s health care community. Northern Michigan Health Network can be reached at: 231-421-8505 or (Spring 2014).

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