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MDPAC Kicks Off Election Year with New Leaders

On January 15, the Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) Board of Directors met and elected Mark C. Komorowski, MD, a Bay County plastic surgeon, MDPAC Chair. Amit Ghose, MD, an Ingham County internist, was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

With elections this fall, of particular importance to physicians this year will be the Michigan Supreme Court race, in which two rule-of-law justices will be up for re-election and tort reform laws hang in the balance.

This is why it's so important to join with your colleagues to become an MDPAC member. By doing so, you help MSMS advocate health policy on your behalf and help MDPAC support candidates who will represent your profession and your patients well in all levels of government.

For more information about MDPAC, contact Joshua Richmond at 517-336-5788 or


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