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MSMS Succeeds in Getting More Changes to Blue Cross EPO Contract

Blue Cross listens, again! In a time of many changes being made to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's (BCBSM) Southeast Michigan Local Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Network, MSMS succeeded in advocating for the elimination of the four-year term in the contract. Based on feedback and ongoing discussion with the physician community, BCBSM has agreed to change the duration term of the EPO so that it will match the TRUST agreement, and has begun the process to amend the EPO contract to remove references to a four-year term through the standard update process. This change will apply to all EPO practitioner contracts, including physicians who have already submitted signature page. This will align the EPO contract term, as well as the termination policy and procedure, with your TRUST PPO contract. MSMS will continue to monitor the changes to the language of the EPO agreement to ensure it appropriately aligns with the TRUST agreement as described by BCBSM.

Also, BCBSM publicly released the names of the participating hospitals, which physicians need to know as they review terms of the contract:

  • Detroit Medical Center hospitals
  • Oakwood Healthcare
  • St. John Providence Health System hospitals
  • Saint Joseph Mercy Health System/CHE Trinity Health
  • Botsford Hospital
  • Garden City Hospital
  • Stonecrest Center
  • Straith Hospital for Special Surgery


As with any contract, it is important that you read and fully understand the contract before making a decision. Physicians and/or their medical practices are reminded to make their own unilateral, independent decisions to participate, or not participate, in BCBSM's EPO Network and to seek the advice of their own legal counsel. Questions may be directed to Stacey Hettiger at 517-336-5766 or


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