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Physicians Praise Vote to Save Children's Lives, Combat Food Allergies at Schools

Senate Approves MSMS-Backed Bills to Put Low Cost Epinephrine Auto Injectors in Michigan Schools

LANSING - Physicians at the Michigan State Medical Society today praised the Michigan state Senate for approving a pair of bills that will protect Michigan children suffering from dangerous and life-threatening food allergies at school. The vote follows nearly unanimous votes in the state House, moving Michigan one major step closer to guaranteeing kids suffering an anaphylactic reaction access to life-saving medicine at school.

Children are among the most vulnerable to allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, a severe reaction that can be fatal within minutes through swelling that shuts off airways or through a drop in blood pressure. Kids who are exposed to a potential food allergy need immediate help in the critical minutes following an exposure.

"There's nothing more important than keeping our kids safe and healthy, and lawmakers took a big step in that direction today by voting to protect them from life-threatening food allergies at school," said Michigan State Medical Society President Kenneth Elmassian, D.O.

Matthew Greenhawt, M.D., an allergist at the University of Michigan, testified in support of the bills, added: "Death from an allergic reaction can be 100% preventable with epinephrine. I applaud the state Legislature for recognizing this, and swiftly ratifying a bill that can help prevent any further tragic, and unnecessary outcomes. Their decision to put epinephrine in every school makes Michigan a national leader that other states should follow when it comes to student safety."

House Bills 4352 and 4353 now go to Governor Snyder for his signature.


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