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Dr. Elmassian: Senate Bill 2 Puts Special Interests over Michigan Patients

Physicians Urge State House to Reject Dangerous Special Interest Legislation

LANSING - President of the Michigan State Medical Society Kenneth Elmassian, D.O. issued the following statement today asking Michigan lawmakers to put the needs of Michigan patients first by rejecting Senate Bill 2, which puts special interests above the health and safety of Michigan patients:

"Every discussion in Lansing about health care and health policy should start and end with what is best for Michigan patients. The Michigan Senate today picked special interests over the health and safety of Michigan families when they voted to approve Senate Bill 2, which reduces educational requirements for those who practice medicine, risking patients’ lives and sending the signal to health care providers that medical education simply doesn’t matter.

"Senate Bill 2 is bad medicine. Lawmakers in the state House should do what the Senate wouldn’t -- reject this dangerous special interest legislation and instead put patients first."
The Michigan State Medical Society is a professional association of more than 15,000 Michigan physicians. Its mission is to promote a health care environment which supports physicians in caring for, and enhancing the health of Michigan citizens through science, quality, and ethics in the practice of medicine. Please visit www.msms.org for more information.

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