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Doctors and Their Families Make a Difference in Mid-Michigan

Each year, the Tri-County Medical Society Alliance hosts a program to raise goods for the less fortunate of the Traverse City area. Different organizations are selected and everything donated is distributed amongst those organizations. This year The Women's Resource Center, The Goodwill Inn and The Diaper Pantry were the organizations that were decided would reap the benefits of this drive. This annual program that the Medical Alliance promotes is titled "Doctors & Their Families Make a Difference." 

Meghan Brown, a junior at Traverse City's Central High School, wanted to boost contributions for this program. She has a serious interest in the field of medicine, but more importantly, an interest in her community. Meghan had a great idea to include two local elementary schools in this community service project in hopes of raising more than the usual amount of goods. As a former student of Old Mission Peninsula School, she hoped that they would be on board. Eastern Elementary was her second school of choice due to its proximity to her high school and home. Angela Sides, principal of both elementary schools, was immediately on board. Meghan created posters for both schools, communicated with both schools, devised a bit of a competition in hopes of raising more than the usual amount of products for an overwhelming response; Meghan's jeep was filled three times over. On Friday, October 21, 2011, Meghan's community service project ended. After raising thousands of items, she hauled the goods home and sorted, separated and organized all of the generous gifts. 

At Eastern Elementary School, Kathy Radakovich's class led the pack, raising over 1,200 items; at Old Mission Peninsula School, Amy Looyenga's group of students rallied hard to be the leading class in their school's donations. Both classes were rewarded with pizza parties. After two weeks of donations, the combined efforts of Old Mission Peninsula and Eastern Elementary netted large quantities of baby needs (e.g. diapers and wipes), toiletries, books, childrens' clothing, and household cleaning products. The impressive collection is a testament to good will of the community, the energy of the students and the charity of their families, and the strength of the TCMS Alliance.

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