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MSMS Legislative Update

Use this sheet to refresh your memory before you speak with your lawmakers about some “hot” health policy issues that are likely to be addressed during the fall session. 

MEDICAID EXPANSION (HEALTHY MICHIGAN BILL) – Legislators went home for the summer without advancing HB 4714, introduced by Rep. Matt Lori (R-Constantine), which seeks to expand Medicaid eligibility to cover more than 400,000 uninsured citizens. The Senate didn’t have enough Republican support for it to get a floor vote before summer break. The current version of the bill requests a waiver from the federal government allowing those in the expanded Medicaid program who are between 100% and 133% of the poverty level to purchase private insurance through the health exchange or increase cost sharing requirements to 7% of income while still in the program. MSMS will continue throughout the summer to work with the Senate to craft a new solution that continues to put patients first, helping more families receive the health care that they so desperately need while being responsible with residents’ tax dollars.

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