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Voice of Michigan Physicians Represented During AMA Annual Meeting

Voice of Michigan Physicians Represented During AMA Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Michigan Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) enthusiastically advocated on behalf of Michigan physicians at the AMA's Annual Meeting held June 8-12, 2019, in Chicago. Your Delegation, led by Chair James D. Grant, MD, MBA, brought forth 16 resolutions that were initially directives from the 2019 MSMS House of Delegates (HOD).

Of Michigan's 16 resolutions, 11 were adopted in some form (e.g., as introduced, amended, substituted, etc.) and five supported the reaffirmation of existing AMA policy.

Similar to the MSMS HOD process, Michigan's Delegation to the AMA must submit and testify on Michigan's resolutions before respective committees to garner support and address any opposition.

"The AMA Annual Meeting is always a hectic five days involving a great deal of preparation. The Michigan Delegation worked hard to ensure Michigan's ideas received thoughtful and deliberative consideration," reported Doctor Grant. "I am proud of our team, their efforts, and the resulting outcomes."

Michigan's resolutions dealt with a variety of timely topics such as vaccinations, telehealth, pain management, vaping, and substance use. Highlights include:

  • Asking the AMA to support state policies that allow adolescents to provide their own consent for vaccination, as well as encouraging state legislatures to establish comprehensive vaccine and minor consent policies.
  • Advocating for reimbursement for both synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine services.
  • Supporting the availability of naloxone rescue stations and legal access to and use of naloxone in all public spaces regardless of whether the individual holds a prescription.
  • Promoting improved accountability, consistency and excellence amongst Physician Health Programs.
  • Requiring the inclusion of warning labels on all electronic nicotine delivery systems.
  • Encouraging physician input on research into the capability of autonomous or "self-driving" vehicle technology to benefit all persons including those with visual impairments and other disabilities.
  • Advocating blood donation deferral periods representative of current HIV testing technology.
  • Streamlining current credentialing validation processes.

At this year's Annual Meeting, Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, was sworn in as the AMA's 174th president . Doctor Harris is the first black woman to hold the Association's highest office.

Also, Delegates and Alternate Delegates witnessed protesters advocating Medicare for all interrupting the House of Delegates business session; US Surgeon General VADM Jerome M. Adams, MD, testifying on multiple public health items in Reference Committee D; and, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma addressing the House with a report on CMS' intentions to reduce physician's administrative burdens.

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