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Senate Committee Vote Undermines Patient Care in Michigan

Senate Committee Vote Undermines Patient Care in Michigan

Friday, June 11, 2021

The following is a public statement from Pino D. Colone, MD, president of the Michigan State Medical Society, in response to passage today out of the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee of House Bill 4359, legislation removing physician involvement from anesthesia care in Michigan.

            “With the committee approval of HB 4359, the Michigan Legislature is shirking its responsibility to protect patients and their families and is placing a dangerous and needless burden on the backs of all Michigan residents.

            “When a person watches as a loved-one heads into a serious medical procedure, they expect to be taken care of by a doctor.  Their thoughts aren’t primarily on how the operation will be conducted, but when that loved-one will be home again – safe, healthy, and healing.  They now do not have that reassurance.

            “Michigan physicians are committed to growing, strengthening, and preserving the health care teams all patients rely on for their care.  The vote today undermines those teams and the care they provide.  The full Senate needs to recognize that, and they need to fix HB 4359.”