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Physicians Remain Protected from Potential Criminalization

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

After a day of confusion from the courts on Monday, started by the Court of Appeals ruling county prosecutors were not bound by the previously-issued injunction, physicians are, once again, protected from potential criminalization for performing medical procedures.

The Attorney General’s office filed for a temporary restraining order late Monday afternoon, which was swiftly granted by Judge Jacob Cunningham, of the Oakland County Circuit Court. At a hearing Wednesday, the restraining order was maintained until a hearing on preliminary injunction, scheduled for August 17. 

After the Court of Appeals ruling on Monday, the Michigan State Medical Society released the following statement:


“As a Society, we have always been and continue to be opposed to the potential criminalization of physicians and their patients in making health care decisions. Physicians and their patients should be free to consider, discuss, and pursue medical procedures guided by a physician’s best medical judgment and a patient’s physical health and safety. The ruling by the court today goes against these fundamental principles of the patient-physician relationship.”