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New poll reveals majority of Michigan residents support protecting auto no-fault benefits, cracking down on insurance companies' discriminatory practices

Survey also finds support for bipartisan Fair and Affordable no-fault reform package, which remains largely neglected in the Michigan Legislature

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Two-thirds of Michigan residents support a package of bills in the Michigan Legislature that seeks to lower auto insurance premiums while protecting the lifetime medical and lost-wage benefits provided by the state’s auto no-fault insurance system, according to a new statewide poll conducted by ROI Insight.

The poll showed strong support for the benefits provided by the no-fault system. Sixty-five percent of likely voters (56 percent strongly) reject any plan to eliminate or limit medical benefits for auto accident victims. Meanwhile, 56 percent believe rates should not be slashed at the expense of accident victims.

In addition, 77 percent of respondents said they do not believe insurance companies when they say they want to save them money, and 65 percent of respondents said rates are high because the State of Michigan does a poor job regulating rates to protect consumers.

"Voters strongly want to protect the lifetime medical benefits and limited lost wage benefits that no-fault provides," said Paul King, president of ROI Insight. "When voters discuss the protections provided by the no-fault system, the polling data show their perceptions are significantly positive. In fact, nearly three-quarters of voters say no-fault's protections of lifetime medical benefits to accident victims are good things, with a plurality saying 'very good.'"

The statewide survey of 800 likely voters, which was conducted by live callers between Sept. 15 and 20, included a 30-percent mix of cell phone users. The margin of error was +/-3.46. The survey was commissioned by CPAN (Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault), a coalition of consumer groups and care providers working in a bipartisan way to reduce premiums while protecting Michigan drivers and families.

The bipartisan Fair and Affordable package of bills, which has sat in the Michigan Legislature for over a year without receiving a hearing, includes bills which would end the insurance industry's discriminatory practices of using non-driving rating factors like gender and ZIP code when setting rates; require more transparency in how rates are set; crack down on fraud by insurance companies, consumers and medical providers; and lower health care costs by establishing a fee schedule for medical providers.

This survey shows that the Fair and Affordable package is supported by 66 percent of likely Michigan voters.

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