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New Guidance Regarding Federal Stimulus Funds for Medicaid Providers

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released information on additional funds targeted to Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) providers through the Provider Relief Fund. 

Additional Medicare Provider Eligibility Starting August 10, 2020: certain Medicare providers will be given another opportunity to receive additional Provider Relief Fund payments. The re-opened application portal allows providers who received nominal automatic payments from the first general distribution, but did not apply for additional funds by the initial June 3, 2020 deadline or returned these automatic payments, to apply and receive additional payments totaling two percent of net patient revenue. These eligible providers may submit their application for possible funds through the portal by September 13, 2020. 

Additional Medicare providers who are eligible to apply are:

  • Providers who were ineligible for the Phase 1 General Distribution because:
    • They underwent a change in ownership in calendar year 2019 or 2020 under Medicare Part A; and
    • Did not have Medicare Fee-For-Service revenue in 2019.
  • Providers who received a payment under Phase 1 General Distribution but:
    • Missed the June 3 deadline to submit revenue information – including many Medicaid providers with low Medicare revenues that assumed they were ineligible for additional distribution targeted at Medicare providers or had planned to apply for a Medicaid and CHIP specific distribution; or
    • Did not receive Phase 1 General Distribution payments totaling approximately 2 percent of their annual patient revenue.
  • Providers who previously received Phase 1 General Distribution payment(s), but rejected and returned the funds and are now interested in reapplying.

All eligible providers will only receive funding of up to two percent of their reported total revenue from patient care. Therefore, for providers who have already received a Phase 1 General Distribution payment from HHS, the previous amount received and kept will be taken into account when determining the eligible amount for Phase 2 General Distribution payment. 

More information on eligibility criteria can be found on the HHS Provider Relief Fund at These funds are being made available through the federal HRSA. Providers with questions can contact the HRSA Provider Support Line at 1-866-569-3522.


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