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MSMS Supports the AMA Statement on Ongoing Attacks on Physicians Treating COVID Patients

Monday, November 2, 2020

"In recent weeks, a series of deeply troubling COVID-19-related charges have been leveled against the medical community by the President of the United States. These baseless allegations are harmful and misleading to the public. As a community of Michigan physicians, we stand together with our colleagues at the American Medical Association in voicing our support for physicians and our fellow health care team members risking their lives so that the life of someone's spouse, parent, sibling, child, or friend may be saved. As our state and nation continue to do battle with this virus, it’s important for all of us to follow the science and put safety first," S. Bobby Mukkamala, MD, MSMS President.

“Throughout this pandemic, physicians, nurses, and frontline health care workers have risked their health, their safety and their lives to treat their patients and defeat a deadly virus. They did it because duty called and because of the sacred oath they took. The suggestion that doctors—in the midst of a public health crisis—are overcounting COVID-19 patients or lying to line their pockets is a malicious, outrageous, and completely misguided charge. COVID-19 cases are at record highs today. Rather than attacking us and lobbing baseless charges at physicians, our leaders should be following the science and urging adherence to the public health steps we know work—wearing a mask, washing hands and practicing physical distancing,” Susan R. Bailey, MD, President, American Medical Association.