MSMS Statement on Legislative Hearing for SB 279

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MSMS Statement on Legislative Hearing for SB 279

State physician leaders join in opposition to legislative plan to weaken patient care teams

Thursday, March 21, 2024

The following is a public statement from Tom George, MD, CEO of the Michigan State Medical Society, in response to a legislative hearing today on Senate Bill 279.

“Michigan physicians and the organizations that represent them stand together in our concern about the potential consequences Senate Bill 279.


“When we replace physician-led healthcare teams with non-physician-led teams, as would happen under Senate Bill 279, corporations benefit at the expense of patients. While expanding healthcare access is vital, we must always focus first on patient safety and responsible medication use.


“Every day, patients entrust their lives to healthcare professionals, and it is our commitment to transparency, ethical conduct, and putting patients' well-being first that earns and maintains their trust. In Michigan, families rely on healthcare teams equipped with the rigorous training and expertise required to provide appropriate treatment for illnesses and injuries. Senate Bill 279 undermines this trust and makes policy promises it simply cannot fulfill.


“For the good of Michigan patients, physicians across Michigan urge lawmakers to oppose Senate Bill 279.”