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MSMS hosts Auto No-Fault Twitter Chat

MSMS hosts Auto No-Fault Twitter Chat

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

With the ongoing debate over Michigan’s Auto No-Fault system and its anticipated focus during Lame Duck, the Michigan State Medical Society is hosting a Twitter chat to educate and encourage Michiganders to write their lawmakers on its value.

The MSMS Twitter chat will take place on Tuesday, December 11 from Noon – 1 p.m. EST 


What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat, sometimes known as a Twitter party or a tweet chat, happens when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific tag (#) called a hashtag that allows the topic to be followed on Twitter. The chats are on a specific day, at a specific time.

In this case, the hashtag for our Twitter chat is #NoFaultSavesLives. By including #NoFaultSavesLives in your posts, you can ensure your messages will be part of the Twitter chat. In addition, anyone searching for #NoFaultSavesLives and anyone who clicks on that hashtag from a post will be able to find and read the thread associated with the hashtag.


How to Participate

  • You will need to have a Twitter account set up to participate.
  • Join the chat by searching for the hashtag #NoFaultSavesLives. Click on the hashtag to join to the conversation. You should see a few tweets using that hashtag.
  • Now you can start tweeting your messages! Feel free to jump in as soon as you’re ready and share your message with the hashtag #NoFaultSavesLives included. Let everyone know you’ve joined the chat and that you’re ready to participate.
    • Ex: Hello everyone! I’m here and ready to talk about auto no-fault. #NoFaultSavesLives

Tips, Tricks and Important Information

  • Please use #NoFaultSavesLives in all of your Tweets to be included in the Twitter chat that day.
  • If you ask a question or respond to someone in the chat, use the hashtag #NoFaultSavesLives so everyone can be in on the conversation.
  • Share tweets from the conversation with your network by re-tweeting or by commenting on posts in the chat.
  • Please don’t use the hashtag unless it’s on topic! We don’t want off-topic conversation to be part of the archive of the chat.
  • Please do use other relevant hashtags in your posts, including:
    • #NoFaultSavesLives, #AutoNoFault, #MSMSHealthChat, #Michigan

You might want to let people know you’ll be participating in the Twitter chat in advance. This is a nice way to let your network know you may be a bit noisy during the chat time.


Participants include:

    • Brain Injury Association of Michigan - @BIAofMI
    • Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault - @ProtectNoFault
    • Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine - @KAMJackson
    • Michigan Academy of Family Physicians - @MIFamilyDocs
    • Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants - @MichiganPAs
    • Michigan Association of Chiropractors - @MichiganChiro
    • Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council - @
    • Michigan Health and Hospital Association - @MIHospitalAssoc
    • Michigan Osteopathic Association - @MichiganDOs
    • Michigan State Medical Society, @MichStateMedSoc 
    • Origami - @OrigamiRehab
    • Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan - @WCMSSM