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MOC: Status, Advocacy, Infographic

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Even though the Michigan Legislature officially adjourned for the summer as of Tuesday, June 12, 2018 doesn't mean our advocacy efforts come to an end. Lawmakers will be back in their districts campaigning throughout the summer months, providing a great opportunity to get out and meet them when possible. When you do, please take the opportunity to discuss House Bills 4134 and 4135, introduced by Representative Edward Canfield, DO. The bills would, among other things, prohibit payers from requiring maintenance of certification (MOC) in order to be reimbursed as well as prevent the state from using MOC as a condition for licensure. As this issue will be a top priority for MSMS when the legislature convenes again in the fall, we hope you will take the chance to educate your lawmaker about how MOC impacts you, your practice and your patients. Based on MSMS's MOC survey, an infographic will help you tell the story of the pitfalls that plague MOC.

You may also TAKE ACTION by writing your lawmakers in support of HBs 4134 and 4135; and, through signing our petition to protect Michigan patient's right to health and physicians' rights to deliver it.