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Michigan Physicians Urge COVID-19 Precautions as Holidays Approach

New video makes direct appeal to unvaccinated Michiganders

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The member physicians of the Michigan State Medical Society today urged Michigan residents to follow all COVID-19 precautions as they prepare to travel and spend time with family and friends during the upcoming holiday celebrations. As part of the appeal, physicians from across Michigan participated a video message detailing the health realities currently faced in hospitals around the state and offering information and answers to those with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The situation in Michigan hospitals right now is dire,” said Pino Colone, MD, President of the Michigan State Medical Society. “Our hospitals are full of very sick people and virtually all of these people are unvaccinated. Their illnesses were preventable and their need for hospital care is limiting care for people suffering other health emergencies.”

MSMS and its member physicians ask:

  • If you are not vaccinated for COVID-19, please contact your doctor, get information about the vaccine and get vaccinated.
  • If you are already vaccinated, sign up and receive your vaccine booster.
  • Wear masks indoor, avoid large crowds and maintain social distance when possible.

“What we want more than anything is good outcomes for our patients, and that’s something that we can’t provide as readily both for COVID-19 patients and non-COVID-19 patients because of the strain on the system,” said Diana Nordlund, DO, JD, in the released video. 

Michigan is facing its 4th surge in COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began and top state health officials have described the state’s current COVID-19 situation as “critical.” On Wednesday, the average number of people dying of the disease each day over a seven-day period hit 100 for the first time in a year.

The full video is available below: