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Member Exclusive: Popular Medical Records Guide Updated

Member Exclusive: Popular Medical Records Guide Updated

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Do you and or your practice administrators have questions regarding the ins and outs of medical records? For example, who owns the medical records? How long must we retain medical records in our practice? What is the appropriate process for charging fees for copying and preparing medical records for a patient? 

As part of the MSMS member exclusive Health Law Library you have access to the Medical Records Guide and so much more. This is a useful tool for all Michigan physicians. Bringing this piece to life digitally allows for MSMS member physicians to access this information 24/7. 

Materials such as the Medical Records Guide are available to MSMS members to download free of charge. MSMS non-members and others will be required to pay an applicable fee. To join MSMS, please visit

Please visit to find a variety of valuable resources available to physicians and their practice. Should you have any questions about the materials provided, please contact Stacey Hettiger or 517-336-5766.