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Member Exclusive: Access the most comprehensive physician-specific health law library in Michigan

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) has launched its Health Law Library. The Health Law Library is now a digital experience based on MSMS's former "Physicians Guide to Michigan Law". This information was prepared to assist physicians in learning about and understanding the many Michigan statutes and regulations which affect the practice of medicine in our state. Here you will find information on 23 broad topics, from "AIDS/HIV" to "Scope of Practice," and includes antitrust regulations, Michigan’s new physician licensure laws, and the latest reporting requirements. This is a useful tool for all Michigan physicians. Bringing this piece to life digitally allows for MSMS member physicians to access this information 24/7. Consulting with an attorney on information within this guide would, collectively, cost upwards of $500,000.

Assembled by our Legal Counsel, the Health Law Library explains, in common sense language:

  • Laws pertaining to health care practice in Michigan
  • Health care laws at the federal level
  • Legal definitions of scope of practice for physicians (MDs, DOs)
  • Much, much more

This pieces has always been a valuable resource to MSMS members; and, MSMS is excited to now offer them in a more accessible way. Materials found in the Health Law Library are available to MSMS members to download free of charge. MSMS non-members and others will be required to pay a nominal fee. To join MSMS, please visit

Please visit to find the resources available to physicians and their practice. Should you have any questions about the materials provided, please contact Stacey Hettiger or 517-336-5766.