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MDHHS Public Health Emergency (PHE) Unwind Webinar

MDHHS Public Health Emergency (PHE) Unwind Webinar

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued many COVID-19 Response Medicaid Policy Bulletins and L-Letters as a result of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) and the continued consequences of the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic. Many of the COVID-19 Response policy bulletins and L-Letters were intended to be time-limited.

With the end of the PHE in sight, MDHHS welcomes providers and community partners to upcoming virtual sessions to:

  • Refresh providers and partners on what the PHE is and actions MDHHS is taking to unwind from the PHE, communication strategies, and next steps.
  • Solicit input from providers and other community partners on additional toolkit creation.

If you are interested in participating, select from one of the following 90-minute meeting options to register. All meetings will contain the same information.

A confirmation email with a link to the meeting will be sent to the email address used to register.

For questions or problems registering, please contact Provider Outreach.

For additional questions, please contact Provider Support at 1-800-292-2550.