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Majority of Physicians Unwilling to Recommend Medical Profession

Majority of Physicians Unwilling to Recommend Medical Profession

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Seven out of 10 physicians are unwilling to recommend their chosen profession to their children or other family members, according to the nationwide Future of Healthcare Survey of over 3,400 physicians released by The Doctors Company. Michigan physicians' responses fell in line with the national average.

The survey further showed that over half of physicians nationwide say they are contemplating retirement within the next five years, including a third of those under the age of 50. The survey collected 2,291 written responses voicing physicians' frustration at how electronic health records (EHRs) and value-based care and reimbursement (pay for performance) are compromising the traditional doctor-patient relationship, indicating their advocacy for preserving this relationship and providing high-quality care.

Key findings of the survey included:

  • 54 percent of physicians believe EHRs have had a negative impact on the physician-patient relationship.
  • Half of physicians believe value-based care and reimbursement will have a negative impact on overall patient care.
  • 61 percent of physicians believe EHRs are having a negative impact on their workflow, with many suggesting that EHR requirements are a major cause of burnout.
  • 62 percent of physicians say they don't plan to change practice models, perhaps indicating that the pace of practice change seen in recent years may have run its course.

Watch the video on the Future of Healthcare Survey.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Modern Healthcare Custom Media.

Contributed by The Doctors Company.