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LARA/MDHHS Updated FAQs - Opioid Laws

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Based on some recent questions that both LARA and DHHS have received, they have updated the FAQs again, dated July 3, 2018. They are also posted on the website at:
> Laws/Regulations
> Michigan Opioid Laws - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a highlight of the changes:

  1. Page 6, question 7 - Start Talking Form:
    1. We updated most of the previous answers and changed them to better clarify between the use of the Start Talking Form and opioid education for minors versus adults.
    2. Under the provision of this law for minors, it references first prescription, in the course of a treatment; however "course of treatment" is not defined so it will be up to the prescriber to use his/her best medical/clinical judgement and document appropriately. Change in dosage would not require a new form for a minor. While not noted in the FAQs, it is important to be aware of the exceptions to the form for the minor patient.
    3. For adults there is no reference to "course of treatment" and therefore there is more flexibility under the law so it is noted that if a prescriber is prescribing or dispensing an opioid for the first time post June 1, 2018, then the start talking form and opioid education would have to be completed, but if the prescriber changes the dosage or issues a new opioid, the form would not need to be completed again.
    4. It is also noted that the intent and spirit of the law is to provide education to the patients, regardless of age, as to the risks associated with taking an opioid.

PLEASE NOTE: This should help address the concerns expressed by providers on dealing with a patient who may react negatively to an opioid and the need to change the opioid in a more expedient manner without making the patient or guardian sign a new form electronically or require the patient return to the hospital or go to the physician's office to sign the document.

  1. Page 10, question 3 - MAPS Check and "do not full until date":
    1. Added the DEA link that references the regulation related to the refilling of a schedule 2 controlled substance. This link is provided as an informational resource.

Download the updated LARA/MDHHS Opioid Laws FAQs >>