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Join the Michigan All Copays Count Legislative Day

Join the Michigan All Copays Count Legislative Day

Help us pass copay accumulator legislation

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Every day, physicians see patients with rare and chronic conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, and rheumatoid arthritis, which often require high-cost treatments that rarely have generic alternatives. Due to these high costs, many patients and their families rely on copay assistance programs commonly provided by manufacturers and non-profit organizations to afford the medications they need to manage their conditions.

Unfortunately, insurers continue to introduce programs like copay accumulator adjustment programs, which bar all copay assistance from counting towards patients’ out-of-pocket costs, creating further barriers to life-saving treatments and access to care. All insurers in Michigan use some form of this practice and without reform, this trend will continue increase.

That is why MSMS joined the Michigan All Copays Count (MACC) Coalition, which was created in March 2021 to support legislation that will guarantee insurance companies count copay assistance towards patients’ out-of-pocket costs. The coalition is currently asking the Michigan Senate to pass House Bill 4353, which would accomplish this much-needed accumulator reform, but they need your help.


Please join the Michigan All Copays Count Coalition for the MACC Legislative Advocacy Day on September 14 to help pass House Bill 4353, legislation in support of helping patients pay for life-saving medication. 


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