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Governor Gretchen Whitmer Recognizes Life-Saving Work of Local Physician Anesthesiologists

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Recognizes Life-Saving Work of Local Physician Anesthesiologists

Governor’s Proclamation Makes January 26-February 1 Physician Anesthesiologists Week

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Physician anesthesiologists in communities across the state of Michigan were formally recognized today by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for their life-saving work in the fight against opioid addiction, and their life saving work during medical emergencies. The Governor issued a proclamation recognizing January 26 through February 1 as Physician Anesthesiologists Week in Michigan.

“Physician anesthesiologists are recognized leaders uniquely suited to prevent opioid abuse and misuse by employing opioid minimizing techniques while ensuring patients have access to appropriate pain treatments,” Whitmer observed. “Physician anesthesiologists have the training and expertise to help minimize risks, monitor for any problems, and take quick action.”

Physician anesthesiologists have well over a decade of education and specialized training to evaluate patients before they receive anesthesia or undergo treatments for chronic pain. These health care leaders are responsible for developing the plan for care and for its safe delivery. With the proper physician evaluation and direction, many serious events can be averted, or diagnosed rapidly and treated more effectively.

According to a study conducted for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, anesthesiologists prevent nearly 7 avoidable deaths for every 1,000 patients who encounter a complication. “Physician anesthesiologists are proud to be recognized by Governor Whitmer, but our greatest privilege is serving Michigan patients,” said Roy Soto, MD, a practicing physician in Royal Oak, and President of the Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists. “These caregivers are fighting the opioid epidemic, and spend their careers getting patients through many of life’s toughest moments. They do it safely, they do it professionally, and they save lives.” 

Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists is the statewide organization of anesthesiologists for the representation, education, and advancement of physicians providing ethical anesthesia care. MSA serves patients, the public, lawmakers, physicians and other professionals by defining and advancing the standard of anesthesia care and supporting the practice of anesthesiology.