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Go "Inside the Dome"

Go "Inside the Dome"

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The current crisis has exposed some glaring cracks in our health care system. Some hospitals were hours away from running out of PPE, regulatory burdens had to be suspended to build field hospitals, and the public health infrastructure was exposed for what it is: underfunded. Now, more than ever, physicians need to have a voice in Lansing to help find solutions.

Over the last three months, MSMS has been continuously educating our policymakers. With the help of nearly 40 of our member physicians across the state, MSMS's voice was heard across Lansing. Their efforts paid off. Paul Bozyk, MD, (Oakland County), testified in front of the House committee on Judiciary about the need for physician immunity. MSMS President S. Bobby Mukkamala, MD, (Genesee County), worked tirelessly with a variety of stakeholders and public policymakers to make sure physician offices were well-poised to re-open safely. His efforts came to fruition when he stood with the Governor to announce that elective and non-essential procedures would resume. Our policy efforts are well on their way, but there is still so much more to do.

As the legislature starts to shift back to life before COVID-19, we are up against legislation that would impose fee schedules, expand scope of practice, and enact harmful policy that could alter our ability to properly care for our patients. We need to need to be heard, loud and clear. Amplify your voice by getting involved. Get to know your current Representatives and Senators. Make sure you’re registered to vote and are familiar with the candidates and issues that will be appearing on your ballot. And GIVE. 

Give what you can of your time, resources, and expertise. Grassroots activism is powerful, but to be truly effective it must be backed up with funding. For less than $20 a month you can get Inside the Dome, a subscription package through MDPAC that keeps you informed on the issues, connects you directly with policymakers, and includes opportunities to attend exclusive gatherings and events. Join the club and get plugged into elections briefings, legislation tracking, and insider knowledge, all while helping the MDPAC grow. Every little bit helps a lot. 

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